My vision for transforming the world is through the return of Beauty and the honoring of Beauty as essential to the survival of the human spirit. The deeper aspect and foundation of my work is my mission to bring forward VISUAL HEALING as the antidote for visual violence in our world.

I know I was sent here to bring Beauty into people’s lives, and am destined to manifest this Vision to help heal the world.

The world and her children are suffering from the continual impact of violence everywhere, and seeing it damages the human spirit and disrupts our finer nature. 80-90% of our information comes through our eyes and affects us in a multitude of profound ways which are not understood by most; our psyche, our minds, our spirits, and our humanity are all impacted.

My Vision is to usher soul wrenching Beauty back into our world, the kind of Beauty that makes one want to weep or break out in joyous laughter and celebrate. This is not the fickle trickery of seductive glamor that quickly fades with trends, but a deep, lasting Beauty that makes us human. I want to open the mind's eye and the heart in the process.

At the core of my exploration into the Arts is the search for the unspoken language of the soul. Creating art is, for me, a vehicle to express this language. I strive to create works that will inspire the unique, creative voice in others.

Joanne Warfield
Visual Healing, est. 1991